Keep it Ital: environmental

Man met kruiwagen afvalReggae Geel has done major efforts to decrease waste and to dispose it in a nature-friendly way.  We try to keep the festival as eco-friendly as possible, but for this we also need your help. Reggae Geel is responsible for 30 tons of waste every year and it is our goal to decrease this number. We all deserve a clean festival!

As always we provide in garbage containers on the festival ground, on the streets surrounding the festival and on the camping ground. Please use them by throwing your garbage in the containers provided! Nobody loves litter.

On the festival ground you will find 3 spots where you can change drinking cups and bottles for a drinking token or a gadget. Exchange at our Bounce Dancehall, at our main drinking stand or at our Recycling stand. It’s as easy as that.

 30 drinking cups/bottles = 1 drinking token/gadget

 In our backstage Reggae Geel expects people to recycle as well. Glass, waste, cups, bottles, paper will be separated. We expect from everyone working at the festival to follow these directives. Same rules for our Reggae Market, please recycle!

For this purpose we got assistance over the years by an ECO-team. They help us in working out solutions but also hope to get a maximum response from you all. It’s due to their hard work overnight that we can provide you with a clean festival ground on the 2nd day.

Every one arriving at Reggae Geel will receive a free garbage bag, which can be dumped afterwards (with your waste, please) in one of the garbage containers.  Just like you do at home. If you can’t resist to do a Jamaican boggle in a grey plastic bag, be our guest, but please bring your own bags for this purpose.

There will be fresh and pure water on the festival ground. Toilet facilities are FREE, please use them. We don’t plan on giving you a fine if you want to pee in public (as happens in real life), but we would really appreciate it if you could make it to the toilets.

Together we stand strong in making this Reggae Geel successful! 

Keep it positive and clean, Reggae Geel!