Keep it Ital: environmental 2016

Waste Islands

On the festival grounds PMD (Plastic or Metal and Drink cartons) and other waste are collected separately. We greatly value recycling and hope that your commitment can help us make the difference.

Collection Points

  • On the festival grounds:

Kringwinkel Zuiderkempen will once again be present to collect your cups and plastic bottles and to exchange these for a gadget. Kringwinkel work with upcycling projects and use sustainable materials. So do not hesitate to trade your cups in for a partical/pretty gadget.

Opening hours are as follows:

Friday 05/08/2016 from  16:00  to  21:00
Saturday 06/08/2016  from  16:00  to  21:00

  •  Camping :

On the main campgrounds there will once again be a collection point where you can exchange a full bag of rubbish or a bag of PMD for a Reggae Geel gadget. Since we work with two waste streams it is important to separate rubbish!

Opening hours are as follows:

Saturday  06/08/2016 from 10:00 to 22:00
Sunday  07/08/2016 from 9:00 to 12:00


Plastic bottles  

No other plastics or objects

Metallic packaging

Also: food and cosmetics spray cans, aluminium trays and containers, metal lids.


Other waste

Other waste

All waste that is not collected separately.


  • bread bags
  • wallpaper
  • plastic containers
  • greased or otherwise polluted paper
  • plastic bags
  • plastic cups
  • seafood shells
  • candy wrappers
  • bones
  • cigarette butts
  • plastic and aluminium foil


  • Cardboard packaging
  • PMD
  • batteries and harmful chemicals
  • glass bottles and jars
  • compostable waste


Backstage we also separate waste as much as possible. Each waste zone has its own recycling park. 5 groups of waste are distinguished: other, PMD, glass, paper/cardboard and compost.


Like every year we have a number of highly motivated eco teams to support our festival guests in the maintenance of the Reggae Geel grounds on Friday and Saturday. Centrum Harmonie Geel and Karateclub GOJU Geel have several years of experience in this particular assignment. Moreover, this earns the associations and clubs a nice financial boost to their budget.

On the camping grounds we collaborate with Ecofest, who will also be working to keep the grounds clean, with your help.

More information about ecofest can be found at

Booth Ecological Initiative

Since 2013 we have assigned a free booth in the eco zone to an organisation, NPO, to put their operations into the limelight. This year the booth goes to staff of the province of Antwerp.  The empahasis lies on global themes and world citizenship. Collaboration with the Province fo Antwerp has also helped us gain financial support to further improve our ecological en sustainable policies.

Professional cleaning

Webu has been our partner in the professional cleaning of the Reggae Geel grounds for several yours now. On Saturday morning they clean all entry roads around Reggae Geel to prevent littering. They also clean the grounds on Friday night and take care of clean-up after the festival ends.

Promoting of public transport

Reggae Geel provide a free bus service to and from the train station for every visitor who chooses public transport. We hope to reduce our ecological footprint thusly. Every visitor who comes by bicycle will be given a coupon that can be used in the Oxfam booth on the festival grounds.


Free shuttle busses:

On Friday between 10:00 and 23:30, every 20 minutes
On Saturday between 10:00 and 22:00,every 20 minutes
On Sunday between 08:00 and 14:30, every 20 minuten


Waste bag distribution

Every year we try to supply each and every visitor with a bag for PMD and a bag for other waste. This year we will be investing in this again and we hope to see our visitors using the bags. You can dispose of the bags at the collection points on the camp sites or in the rubbish bins on the camping grounds.



City Geel

City Geel also contributes to the eco policies of Reggae Geel. They support Reggae Geel logistically with for instance trash grabbing sticks. We also receive a financial allowance every year if we are able to prove that we have reduced the waste pile or that our selective collections of waste have increased.

Fost Plus

Fost Plus is a regular partner in the eco policies of Reggae Geel. They support the festival by investing in signaling and raising awareness. In return Reggae Geel steps up its game when it comes to collecting PMD.
More information at


Since 2013 Reggae Geel has entered the Green event Award. This is an award for ecological initiatives and investments which the festival commits to. Last year Reggae Geel could proudly call itself a finalist in the Green event Award. This year we are entering again, and thus hope to set an example for other festivals.
More information at

Ecofest at Reggae Geel 

We’ve had a great partnership with Ecofest VZW for a number of years now. They support the festival in several ways:
1. An environmental scan: they check the eco friendliness of our festival, the way we collect waste, the signalisation on the grounds and advise us on improvements in coming years
2. Maintenance of the main camping site this year
3. Support to the coordination team during the festival as the eco policies keep running 24hrs a day.



Glass is no longer allowed on the camping grounds or on the festival grounds! Checks will be undertaken. Since this is the first year for this rule to apply, we do offer the possibility to transfer the contents of glass bottles into authorised receptacles on the camping grounds, and there will also be bottle banks to safely dispose of any and all glass. We strongly advise our visitors against bringing glass!