Jah9 developed her own sound and sophisticated style in the underground poetry scene. Today she dreams of conquering the world.

In her performances she expresses her wish that the audience should get inspired and that they use their own strength and positivity for the good. Jah9 knows how to revitalize a forgetten genre like dub poetry. Therefor she finds Rory as an unexpected mentor. Rory has been the frontman of Stone Love Movement for over 30 years and is the 'don' of the dancehall scene. It's really pleasant to know that he's now providing good rootstracks for this new talent.

Reggae.be writes about 'New Name': "Goosebumps, it is a sensation seldom felt by an experienced reviewer. But with 'New Name', the title track of the album 'New Name' of Jah9, it really touches spin after spin."



Played Reggae Geel in:
  • 2013
Main stage
Tuesday 1 January
Jah9 - New Name (Official Music Video)