Steel Pulse

Finally they are landing at Geel! Amongst all the younglings this year we find the veterans of Steel Pulse. These Brits have been on the scene since 1975 and have a large number of reggae classics on their record. These rastas often sing of their bond with Africa, their anger at racism, terrorism, corruption, war and climate change. Lead singer David Hinds' uniquely clear, high-pitched voice are so distinctive that from the very beginning, Steel Pulse stood out in the crowd. They played with Burning Spear and opened for Bob Marley. Their first performance in the US was on the eve of Marley's funeral. After that, they remained very popular in the US, even more so than in their homeland. Steel Pulse's reggae icons are still touring and working on a new album. They've never performed at Reggae Geel before, despite the comparable ages of band and festival. Do not let this chance to see them pass you by!