Emergency services

Police reception point

The police will have a reception point at the festival. You are welcome here for:

  • information
  • lost & found
  • reporting of criminal offences (theft, …)

The reception point will be near the entrance to the camping grounds. It will be open on Friday from 16.00 to 02.00, on Saturday from 13.00 to 03.00 and on Sunday from 8.00 to 15.00.


The police communicate via Twitter and Facebook about the accessability and security on and around the festival. Hashtag reggaegeel (#reggaegeel) will be used in all tweets. A selection of these messages will also be posted on the police zone's Facebook page. On Friday a member of the communication team will be present on the festival grounds from 13.00 to 22.00. On Saturday from 15.00 to midnight. And on Sunday from 9.00 to 15.00.

Facebook nor Twitter are intended for emergency calls or urgent reports. For urgent police assistance call 101 or the number of the local police zone: 014 56 47 00. For fire services and urgent medical help call 100.

Emergency situations

In case of an evacuation of the grounds, these guidelines will apply for leaving the area:

  • cars: from parking Hondstraat Hondstraat in the direction of Winkelom // from day parking Meerhoutseweg (emergency services will be given priority!)
  • bus transport: assemby at Malosewaver, near house number 77, from here buses will take festival visitors to the emergency reception centre
  • collection by family or friends: follow the signage to the Kiss & Ride on Laar

The most recent and up-to-date information will be communicated via Twitter and Facebook.