Help Jamaica

Reggae Geel support HELP Jamaica foundation

As the Reggae Gell organising team, we like to share our success with people who could use a little help. This is why we continue to support the HELP Jamaica foundation. 'HELP' stands for ‘Help Establish Library Projects’. The foundation build libraries and educational centres in Jamaica and thus aim to encourage hope, talent, and ambition amongst Jamaican youths.

HELP Jamaica also help young people and adults to break through to circle of unemployment, drugs, and violence, from which too many Jamaicans are still suffering every day.

Free education

The money collected at Reggae Geel is destined for several of HELP's projects, amongst which Paint Jamaica, the artists who could be found at the festival just last year. This collective wish to embellish inner Kingston with art and thus contribute to the positive development of its inhabitants. HELP Jamaica also offer free education to children as well as adults and have founded a community centre where you can find a small farm with a restaurant and a carpentry shop.

How do we contribute?

For the last three years Reggae Geel has donated 1,500 euro to the foundation every year. Our visitors contribute as well: for every can of Marley Mellow Mood sold, 10 cents go to HELP Jamaica. We also ask every free-of-charge visitor to donate 5 euro.

This year will see another HELP Jamaica booth on the festival grounds, near the Yard. The HELP representatives are organising a tombola. Make sure to pop by and contribute to a sunny future for Jamaica!