When should the camping be cleared on Sunday?

We expect the campsite to be cleared of visitors on Sunday at 2 p.m.

Prohibited on and around the campsites

  • Glass!
  • Tents that exceed an area of 50 square meters are not allowed
  • Between 4 a.m. and 7 p.m. we expect complete calm and silence at all our campsites
  • Music installations up to 300 watts are allowed
  • Open fire is not allowed on the campsite.
    BBQs are allowed, but should have legs of 1 meter at minimum.
  • Always make sure that the fire corridors are cleared.
  • No graffiti or tagging. This is strictly watched; offenders will be fined for all damage.
  • Climbing fences, tents, toilet boxes, masts, etc. is strictly forbidden
  • Drugs are prohibited in Belgium. The smoking of cannabis is illegal in the vicinity of minors!
  • Street trading around the Reggae Geel site is forbidden unless one has the necessary contracts with the F.P.P

Who to address in case of questions?

Every camping has its own campsite responsible that is willing to answer to all your questions. At the festival site there is an information stand at your left behind the entrance. 

Where can you have breakfast?

A great breakfast is part of a great festival.

This year, a big breakfasttent is provided at the campingarea in the ‘One Love café’.
You can choose between a packet already prepared for € 8 than includes 2 small breads and a croissant, spreads, and the choice of coffee, thee, juice, milk or chocolatemilk
Do you rather compose your own breakfast? You choose what you want and pay per piece

You like bacon, eggs and bread? That is provided for € 4.

Saturday and Sunday from 8.00 till 12.00, breakfast is provided at the breakfasttent at the campingarea.

What facilities are provided at and around the campsites?

  • Toilets, showers and washing basins
  • Garbage bags are distributed free of charge, please use them.
  • Camping store

Are there campings for tents where cars are allowed?

No, the car camping is abolished since 2010 due to organizational and safety issues (camping capacity and fire safety).

Where can I station my camper?

Campers should be stationed at the separate camper parking, which costs €10 per camper and €15 per person. Standalone tents and awnings are not allowed! Follow the signs “Camper parking”.

What is the price of the camping?

The price for residing at the campsite comes to €15 per person. The parking lot fee is €7 per car.

When is the camping opening?

The campsite opens on Friday, at 9 a.m. Arriving on Thursday is no possibility, there is no waiting campsite provided.

Is there a camping store?

Once again Reggae Geel will be your local shopkeeper. We will provide our visitors with basically all you need to survive the festival: fresh baked bread, toothpaste, shampoo or cheese… we have it. Forgot your tent or in need of a fresh sleeping bag? Come and find us at the camping site in front of the One Love Café. Keep in mind that you can only pay in cash. At our festival ground you can find an ATM machine.