Festival site

Not allowed on the festival site

  • Cameras
  • Recording equipment
  • Glass
  • Tin cans
  • Drinks you brought yourself
  • Pets
  • Tag markers
  • Spray Cans (hairspray, deodorant, paint …)
  • It is strictly forbidden to make fire on the festival site
  • Drugs are prohibited in Belgium. The smoking of cannabis is illegal in the vicinity of minors!


If you were to visit the streets of Geel-Bel any other time of the year, you would only find ducks and cows. Just getting water and power there -"in the middle of nowhere"- is a real tour de force.
But a wireless Internet connection as well? Surely that's pushing it? No, it isn't.
Many volunteers help us in our effort to deliver refreshing water to all festival guests,  and to bring potable water to several spots on the grounds.
Kilometers of wires and cables are being unravelled which allows us to offer you wireless Internet at the entrance of the festival site, at the first aid tent and at the entrance of main camping C1.