Reggae Geel is seeking

In 2012 Reggae Geel is again seeking MC and sound system talent

We will yet again search sound system and MC talent to complete the line-up for Reggae Geel 2012.

New this year is that we are extending our competition. Regarding sound systems, we are looking for talent all over Belgium. Being part of the Benelux Reggae Contest (BRC) we are also inviting all Mc’s in the Benelux to enter our hunt.

A great package of prizes

Thanks to an intensive collaboration with the Benelux Reggae Contest we can offer an even better package of prizes:

  • A jury consisting of members of the Reggae Geel festival will pick a sound system to open the festival on Friday in the Bounce Dancehall. The winner will get the same fee as all other Belgian sounds programmed.
  • The same jury will also pick several other artists to perform on one of the stages at Reggae Geel. Again, a fee will be provided.
  • Mek It Burn festival provides one spot for a MC or sound system in their reggae line up
  • A jury consisting of members of the Benelux Reggae Contest (BRC) will pick 4 MC’s to perform  at the BRC kick-off party in Maastricht (early November). The BRC provides a fee for every artist selected.

You can enter the competition from June onwards

  • Belgian MC’s and sounds can enter on, Poppunt’s community website for bands, dj’s, fans and key players in the music business.
  • Contestants from The Netherlands and Luxemburg should enter on

At the end of July we will announce our winners on and