Drugs checks

Reggae Geel is concerned about your health and comfort. Therefore, we already invested years into measures to ensure you can safely enjoy the festival. We offer free water points, ear buds, condoms, etc. Our bar staff will receive training on the legislation concerning alcohol and how to respond to intoxication. There is a drug preventionpost on the festivalsite for many years, where everyone can get the necessary information about drugs, alcohol and its dangers. Since last year, we are honored with the 'Quality Nights' label.

The city authorities, the prosecutor's office and the police are also concerned about drug use in and around the areas of Reggae Geel in general. As an organization, we support the efforts that they want to make to achieve a drug-free festival. We want to bring to your attention that all possession, sale and use of drugs in Belgium is illegal. Use in the presence of minors is taking an aggravating circumstance. This year there will therefore be implemented additional checks by the police on the possession, use and sale of drugs. You can get checked both on the roads and on the festival site itself. If you are caught in possession of drugs, the police will proceed to the immediate imposition of a penalty and the drugs will be confiscated.

At the main entrance of the festival there will be a special "amnesty bin" where you can deposit your drugs voluntary without further consequences. If you are caught by our security people or employees caught selling illegal drugs, you will be turned over to the police. You're also risking to be removed from the festivalsite for the entire duration of the festival.