Reggae Geel festival and the Belgian ambassador visit charities in Jamaica.

Reggae Geel Promoter and artistic leader Danielle Pater has visited the Alpha Institute in Kingston, Jamaica. She was accompanied by Guy Sevrin, Belgium's Ambassador to Jamaica and Johan Graux, consul of Belgium in Jamaica. Danielle has, on behalf of Reggae Geel, donated 2.000 Euros to the school (formerly Alpha Boys' Home) where many of Jamaica's top musicians were nurtured. The Alpha Institute trains boys of ages 15 to 19 to be musicians but also to be hairdressers or woodworkers "It is important that young students in Jamaica get a good education in developing their musical skills. Many of those students or former students have performed at Reggae Geel festival and will in the near future," said Danielle. Reggae greats like trombonist Don Drummond, saxophonist Tommy McCook and drummer Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ Wallace are some of the musicians who attended alpha.

Paint Jamaica

Danielle was in Jamaica to contract artists for Reggae Geel, scheduled for August 4–5 this year. She accompanied ambassador Servin and consul Graux to Paint Jamaica, a group of mural artists located on Fleet Street in downtown Kingston. They received a donation of 500 Euros. The members of Paint Jamaica aim to fill the streets with art and to thus remove Kingston's bad image. De leden van Paint Jamaica willen de straten vullen met kunst en het negatieve imago van Kingston wegnemen. Sevrin and Graux were impressed by the group's work which got started in Juy 2014. "There are many similarities between art and music. They have an instant connection, they speak the same language. And therefore, Reggae Geel also added an art programme to their festival where they invite young Jamaican artiste to expose their art skills," said Servin.

Source: Jamaica Observer