Ecological entrepreneurship is an important pillar within Reggae Geel. Together with the Geel associations and volunteers, we’ve been making this a priority for about ten years now.

We’re proud of what we’ve already achieved but there is still a lot of work to be done.


  1. In 2019, we were able to reduce waste by 13% compared to 2018, i.e. from 49 tonnes to 43 tonnes !!!
  2. The use of recyclable plastic and metal, glass and paper & cardboard increases each year, while the weight of residual waste continues to decrease.
  3. The ecoteam consists of more than 200 people who perform several tasks spread over 3 days. (sorting, pricking and sensitizing)
  4. Our festival has been working with the current ecoteams for 15 YEARS and we are very happy about that! Thanks to harmony center Geel, the Karate Club Goju from Geel and Avalympics vzw for their years of commitment and motivation!

Important to know

1. On the campsite:

  • We try to separate as many waste streams as possible: recyclable plastic and metal containers, residual waste and paper cardboard
  • Backstage we sort in the same way
  • We provide a collection point on the campsite where you can bring in your sorted waste, or sort it at the spot in exchange for a Reggae Geel reward.
  • We hand out garbage bags and PMD-bags at the entrance of the festival. You can also pick some up at the collection point.

2. On the festival side:

Animation and awareness:

  • Fost Plus and Reggae Geel have been working together for about 10 years. Fost Plus wants to make festival visitors aware of the impact that visitors have on the waste mountain of Reggae Geel through sensitization actions.
  • Our eco-teams are deployed on all festival terrains, the campsite and the streets. They pick up trash and sort it as best they can. The more conscious the visitors are about the waste and sorting, the less work the teams have.

- Cleaning of the grounds before and after the festival in cooperation with WEBU:

  1. Litter control in a 4km radius around the festival by cleaning the streets and ditches before and after the opening hours of the festival
  2. A nightly cleaning on Friday night at the festival site so we can start again with a clean slate on Saturday afternoon
  3. A complete cleaning of all meadows, ditches and streets around the festival so that the meadows can be used again for agricultural activities and the neighborhood has suffered as little damage as possible.


- ECO-scan:

Every year an ECO-scan is carried out, taking the following into account: energy, use of materials, sustainability, accessibility, waste disposal, ...



The stages and lighting poles will be fitted with LED lights as much as possible. Both on the festival site and in campsites, car parks and surrounding streets.


We provide free drinking water points for visitors at several locations.


The wastewater from the showers at the campsites is collected in tanks so that it can be properly treated.


As much effort as possible is put into the use of sustainable materials from day 1 of the construction of the festival.