Samory I

  • 2022
  • 2018

Ovastand Records from Kingston presents: Samory-I.

As a child, Samory-Tour Frazer was the front-runner in the church choir, where he brought many a tear to burst. How could it be otherwise with such an angelic voice. Born in 1989, he was soon obsessed with the reggae icons of his youth.

His real career was launched in 2013, when he got to perform at a Bob Marley tribute and later also at a Dennis Brown tribute. Now he is a recording artist and has already had numerous collaborations with the likes of Sly Dunbar, Dalton Brownie and Dean Fraser.

Samory I believes that he was chosen by the Lord Almighty to be a representative of reggae and the voice of Jah. Ovastand Records proudly presents Samory-I and his divine voice to Reggae Geel. Time to be charmed!