When does the camping site open?

The campsite opens on Thursday 4 August, at 6 p.m.

What is the price of the camping?

The price for residing at the campsite comes to €25 per person. You can buy your ticket online or at the entrance of the campsite.

Rent a tent at Reggae Geel


Don't feel like lugging your tent, air mattress or other camping gear to Reggae Geel? Save yourself the trouble and book a FestiTent or Festipi! Our hosts ensure that your 1, 2 or 4-person tent is ready when you arrive at the Reggae Geel campsite.

We do all the hard work so all you have to do is chill and skank. Enjoy the festival without any stress to set up your tent. You can check in whenever it suits you, because the perfect camping spot has been reserved especially for you. Easy, Enjoy & Relax!

Carefree camping at Reggae Geel is possible from €16.67 pppn. Check here which option suits you best.

If you have any question regarding FestiTent or Festipi then you can always mail to:

Where can I station my camper?

Campers should be stationed at the separate camper parking, which costs €12 per camper and €25 per person the weekend. Standalone tents and awnings are not allowed! Follow the signs “Camper parking”.

We advice that you buy your festivalticket and your camping ticket (per person) in advance.

The €12 that you need to pay to park your camper can only be paid on the festival itself.

Admission of vehicles on the camper camping

Camping is only allowed on the official Reggae Geel camping site. There’s a separate area for campers, caravans and folding trailers. For each camper it is allowed to have 1 extra friends’ tent on this camping site. Person or freight vehicles are not allowed on the camping site. This also concerns vehicles of the type Caddy or Combo. If you have a caravan or folding trailer, you can first place it on the camping site according to crew’s guidance, after which you can park your car. There’s a large parking lot at walking distance from the camping site.


There’s no electricity on the camping site. However, you can charge your cellphone battery and pump up your air mattress at the camping store.

Are there campings for tents where cars are allowed?

No, the car camping has been cancelled since 2010 due to organisational and safety issues (camping capacity and fire safety). You can leave your car in the parking lot and walk to the camping site.

What facilities are provided at and around the campsites?

  • Toilets, showers and washing basins
  • Garbage bags are distributed free of charge, please use them
  • Camping store

The showers will be available Friday and Saturday from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Where can you have breakfast?

No festival is truly great without a hearty breakfast.

This year you can once more find our big breakfast tent near the camping grounds in the 'One Love Café'. You can assemble your own breakfast choosing from bread rolls, delicious pastries, fresh fruit, yogurt, ... Select what you like and pay per item.

Do you prefer bacon and eggs on your sandwich? No problem, we'll cook it up on the spot for you.

Spend your morning in the breakfast tent on the camping grounds on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 12pm.

Who to address in case of questions?

For each camping there is a person in charge. You can direct your questions to this person. There’s also the information booth on the festival grounds, immediately left behind the entrance.

Prohibited on and around the campsites

  • Glass!
  • Tents that exceed an area of 50 square meters are not allowed
  • Between 4 a.m. and 7 p.m. we expect complete calm and silence at all our campsites
  • Music installations up to 300 output watts are allowed
  • Open fire is not allowed on the campsite.
  • BBQs are allowed, but should have legs of 1 meter at minimum, in the required BBQ area on the camping.
  • Always make sure that the fire corridors are cleared.
  • No graffiti or tagging. This is strictly watched; offenders will be fined for all damage.
  • Climbing fences, tents, toilet boxes, masts, etc. is strictly forbidden
  • Drugs are prohibited in Belgium. The smoking of cannabis near minors is illegal!
  • Street trading around the Reggae Geel site is forbidden unless one has the necessary contracts with the organisation of F.P.P

When should the camping be cleared on Sunday?

We expect the campsite to be cleared of visitors on Sunday at 2 p.m.

Drug policy

  • The public prosecutor’s office wants a clear policy on drugs at events such as festivals: possession of drugs will not be tolerated
  • The police will, as during past editions, be performing targeted drug checks on access roads, parking lots, camping sites, and at the entrance of the festival grounds
  • Visitors will be given the opportunity to anonymously drop drugs in designated deposit boxes

Alcohol policy

  • It is illegal to serve alcohol over 0.5% vol to people under the age of 16, so a beer will NOT be an option!
  • It is illegal to serve strong liquor to minors between ages 16 and 18
  • Bringing your own alcohol to the festival grounds is strictly forbidden.

Inappropriate behavior

Reggae Geel welcomes everyone, regardless of sex, language, political opinion, racial or ethnic origins, religion or philosophies, sexual orientation, handicap, disability, or age. We reject any and all forms of physical or verbal violence, harassment, and disrespectful behaviour! Every infringement will immediately be reported to the police.

Gas bottles

Only small gas sets, made for camping, are allowed. Big gas bottles are not (only a maximum of 500gr will be allowed). Make sure to install your gas set somewhere where it cannot cause a fire. Be cautious, especially when the weather is dry and hot!

People with disabilities on the camping site

People with a disability are perfectly able to camp on our camping site! Just report this to the camping entrance, and we’ll look at the possibilities together with you.

Booking a camping spot?

It is not possible to book a camping spot beforehand.

Dude, where's my tent?

Did you forget where you put your tent? On our festival app (WOOV) you can localize your tent so you can always find it back (if your cell phone battery can hold on as long as you, of course).

Can I bring my own couch?

It is not allowed to bring your own couch to the camping site.

From the festival grounds to the camping site:

The main camping site is located directly opposite the festival entrance.