Cashless FAQ


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What is "cashless?"

Cashless is a system that allows you to pay faster and easier at Reggae Geel. You can easily charge a certain amount of money on a wristband, which you can then use to pay at all bars and food stands.

Can you pay safely with "cashless"?

Yes, your wristband is protected by a highly secure encryption that makes it impossible to copy or steal the money or the info.


Where do I get my wristband?

You will receive your wristband when you scan your ticket at the entrance to Reggae Geel.

What can I buy with my wristband?

Within the festival grounds of Reggae Geel, your wristband is the only accepted means of payment. You can use it at every bar, store, food truck and facility service on the festival site. At the Market you can pay with debit/credit card or cash.

Does my wristband have a limit or expiration date?

Your wristband is valid for the entire duration of the festival and you can use it as many times as you want. For security reasons, the maximum amount on the wristband is limited to € 250.00.

Is my wristband water resistant?

Yes, sun and rain are no problem for your wristband.

What if I lose my wristband?

Losing your wristband is like losing your wallet or your ticket. So tighten your wristband securely to your wrist.

In case of loss or theft, you can request a new wristband at the Helpdesk by showing (a copy of) your ticket and your ID. But beware: the amount of money on your lost/stolen wristband will be lost.

You can find the HELPDESK at the ticket booth at the Main Entrance.


How do I register my account online?

Go to the dedicated cashless page and enter your email address in the registration window. Fill in the required information to set up your personal account, accept the terms and conditions and confirm.

Do I have to register?

No, you don’t have to register an account to use the cashless wristband at the festival. It is only needed to register in case you want to top up your cashless amount before the festival.

How do I link my ticket to my personal account?

Enter your Barcode in your personal account and save. You will find your Barcode on your ticket:

I registered online but did not receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

You did not receive a confirmation e-mail? Then check your spam folder first. Is it not there either and is the confirmation not coming after a few minutes? Then send an email to our customer service. We will contact you as soon as possible.

How do I register my account during Reggae Geel?

If you are already at Reggae Yellow and do not have a ticket number, you can still register with the unique code found on the back of your wristband.


How do I put money on my wristband?

Before the festival:

Do you want to upload money online? Then go to the Reggae Geel website and follow the instructions in the "cashless" section.

Please note that you will need your ticket number to register and charge your wristband.

During the festival:

During Reggae Geel you can upload money onto your wristband at the top-up points on the festival grounds.

Do you prefer to upload money onto your wristband on the festival site? You can do so with the Payconiq by Bancontact app. Scan the QR code on your wristband and choose your amount. If you don't have Payconiq, go to a recharge point and pay by cash or card. (This option is only available for Belgian festival visitors)

How do I recharge my wristband online?

You can recharge your wristband before and during Reggae Geel. Go to the "cashless" section on our website and register with your email address and ticket number. From the home page of your personal account, select the reload option you prefer. Add it to the shopping cart and pay with one of the available payment options.

What are the different online top-up options?

On the homepage of your personal account, you will find all the recharge options, including some bundles and products.

You can choose for a one-time manual top-up or for an automatic top-up. If you choose a one-time top-up, you will top up your wristband once with a chosen amount. If you run out of credit during Reggae Geel, you will need to top up again on site or online.

What is an automatic top-up?

Automatic top-ups are automatically renewed whenever your balance goes below zero during the festival. Please enable this option in your personal account.

Can I top up multiple wristbands with the same account?

Yes, you can add multiple tickets to your account and top up the wristbands linked to these tickets.

Please note that once you’ve charged money to an account, it cannot be transferred from one wristband to another.

How much money should I put on my wristband?

You choose the amount of money you want to load onto your wristband. You can charge up to €250.00 on your wristband. We do recommend that you charge enough money for the entire festival. This will save you time at the queues and you don't have to return to the recharge point when you run out of money.


During the festival you can visit the HELPDESK at the main entrance for all you cashless – issues or questions.

Before and after the festival you can send an e-mail to