General info


Download the WOOV-app in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store to stay up-to-date on the latest news and to make your own planning. This way you’ll be sure not to miss any top acts.

Payment methods at the festival

On the festival grounds you can pay with bank cards, Payconiq by bancontact and cash. 
There wil not be an ATM on the festival grounds.

Theft at the festival

Has your phone or your wallet been stolen at Reggae Geel? Please report it to the police. Lost-and-found will be kept safe at the local police office and they will put these online. The exact webpage for lost-and-found will be released after the festival.

Police reception point

The police have a reception point at the festival. You will find it in the Malosewaver, close to the entrance of the campsite. On Friday and Saturday, the reception desk is open from 13h to 22h. On Sunday from 8am to 2pm. At the welcome desk you're able to:

  • Get information
  • Report a crime (theft, violence, etc.)
  • Report missing persons

In need of urgent assistance? Call 112.

Emergency situations

In case of an emergency, follow the instructions of the emergency services. You can also find more information via #reggaegeel on Facebook and Twitter.


During the event you can bring found objects to the infostand or to the Lost-and-Found. Of course you can also collect your lost belongings here. The Lost-and-Found is located at the entrance of the camping site. After the event, lost-and-found will be put online by the local police. From 8 August onwards, you can check the website of the police to see if there is anything that belongs to you.

Do you want to leave the festival for a short while?

Everyone will receive a wristband, so will those who have a day ticket. So it’s possible to leave the festival for a bit and come back afterwards. Be aware: you can do this up to 30 minutes before the festival site closes.

Pet animals

It is not allowed to bring (pet) animals onto the festival grounds or the camping site.


You’ll be able to rent lockers at the festival. The exact prices for these lockers will be communicated in due time.

Love your ears!

Please take care of your ears! When listening to music harder than 87db it’s wise to use ear plugs with special music filters. This way you’ll be able to fully enjoy the music, talk to other people and at the same time protect your ears! During the festival you can collect ear plugs at the information booth.

Medication and liquids

It is permitted to bring medication such as paracetamol, the pill, etcetera in their unopened containers. Other medication is allowed in unopened containers, and you’ll have to be able to show a doctor’s receipt. Sunscreen is allowed both on the festival and camping site. Contactlens liquids and e-liquids for e-cigarettes are allowed as well. Other liquids, such as your own drinks, deodorants under pressure (except rollers) or colognes, are NOT allowed on the festival grounds.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks onto the festival grounds.

Is your wristband too tight or broken?

Do you have problems with our questions about your wristband? (broken, too tight …)

  • On the festival grounds: go to the festival crew at the entrance.
  • Outside of the festival grounds: go to the counter.
  • Don’t: do not, in any case, go through the entrance or exit without a wristband or with a self-repaired wristband! This will be considered fraud!


You can find the timetable via this link.

Water taps

It goes without saying you are allowed to bring sunscreen onto the festival grounds. There are many shaded areas, and we have delicious ice cold drinks and ice creams available all over the festival. In case of extreme heat, water taps will be placed both on the festival grounds and the camping site.


Sunscreen is allowed. Make sure to apply a decent amount of sunscreen when it’s hot and sunny, and to drink lots of water!