Rave Safe

A weekend full of partying at Reggae Geel has its impact on body and mind. If you decide to use illegal drugs, make sure you are well rested at the start and that you feel mentally and physically well.

  • Prepare well for the festival by being thoroughly informed about product(s), composition, purity, dosage, effects and risks.
  • Use only in the presence of friends. Let them know what you are using and make good arrangements. Keep an eye on each other and take good care of each other.
  • Determine your own dosage and don’t just take the same dosage as others. Body weight and personal factors (metabolism, tolerance, sensitivity) play an important role in the effects you feel. Determine in advance how much you are going to use and stick to this.
  • Combining different drugs is particularly risky. Think carefully about combinations and keep in mind that alcohol is also a drug.
  • Take it easy with drinks and drugs. It is best to start with a small dose and then wait a while. You can always take more, but not less!

The use of illegal drugs is always risky, but it is absolutely inadvisable in case of diabetes, a heat defect, liver and kidney problems, high or low blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy, depression and psychological complaints or (suspicion of) pregnancy. Inform yourself in advance via www.safensound.be or visit the Safe ‘n Sound information stand on the festival grounds…