Stay Healthy

We want nothing more than for you to be able to dance and enjoy all weekend long. Together with Quality Nights we offer you all kinds of free measures to optimize your festival experience. Because we care about you. ;-)

  • Safe transport: avoid driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs. Designate a BOB and stick to it, or use public transport.
  • Free earplugs are available at the Safe ‘n Sound stand. Tailor-made earplugs are always better. Go for an occasional chill in a zone without loud music to give your ears a rest.
  • Free drinking water can be found at all the taps in the toilets. Drink enough water to prevent a hangover, but also to prevent overheating and dehydration. Attention: if you use XTC / MDMA drink max. 1 glass of water per hour. This will prevent water intoxication!
  • Free condoms available at the Safe ‘n Sound info stand. Practise safe sex, but also indicate you limits, and take into account the limits of others.
  • Healthy eating & rinking is important to recover faster.
  • Rest regularly. Don’t forget to take time to recharge your batteries.
  • Be wise with alcohol, especially in combination with other drugs. Check our range of non-alcoholic drinks at the bars.