Reggae Geel 2015

  • In recent years Reggae Geel fully supported the Benelux Reggae Contest (BRC). Although this developed into a strong brand within the region, it was decided not to organize a BRC this year. But have no fear, as one of the greatest reggae events in the world we feel that it’s our duty to offer a platform for non-professional reggae artists, sound systems, visual artists, etc. Although not having a BRC this year might be seen as a missed chance, we rather want to see it as a new opportunity.

  • A special thanks goes out to everybody who helped making Reggae Geel 2015 an other unforgettable experience! Thank you to all volunteers, organization, artists and of course to you, our visitors!

    Reggae Geel 2016 will take place on Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th of August. See you there!