Reggae Geel



FRIDAY 2 AUG - Gold Stage

COUNTRY: The Netherlands

GENRE: Reggae Meets Hip-Hop

🔥Postmen was founded by Remon Stotijn, a.k.a. The Anonymous Mis, and gained prominence with the platinum-certified album Documents in the late 1990s, known for hits like ‘Cocktail’, ‘Crisis’, and ‘U Wait’.

🔥Known for its fusion of hip-hop production with live reggae instrumentation, creating a unique sound that blends melodic hooks with deep bass lines and vibrant energy.

🔥The group released seven studio albums and has produced for diverse artists across genres, contributing significantly to the Dutch music scene.

Postmen is a monumental influence in the Dutch urban music landscape, bridging the divide between hip-hop and reggae. Since its inception, the group has crafted a sound marked by energetic rhythms and soulful melodies that aim directly at the heart and dancing shoes.

Celebrating over two decades of musical innovation, the band continues to push creative boundaries, most recently with the “Love Me or Love Me Not” project, marking a new chapter in their career. Postmen took the lead in shaping the hip-hop and reggae culture within and beyond the Netherlands. They have conquered countless domestic and international festivals, earning awards like the Grote Popprijs and a Gouden Harp in the Netherlands.

Whether you want to throw yourself back to the nineties with their greatest hits or witness a show of a hip-hop-reggae band that still knows how to rock the boat, Postmen is here for it. Check ‘m out!